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Blast Cleaning


               Amwell Blast Coat Ltd carryout various blast cleaning operations including, sand blasting, grit blasting, soda blasting, plastic abrasive blasting, chilled iron blasting, grit blasting, aqua blasting, steel grit blasting, walnut shell blasting, vaqua blasting,



Aluminium Race car body shell being stripped ready for repair and respray


Blast Cleaning is a pre treatment method for many surface coatings and we can accomodate  Swedish standards Sa2.5, Sa2, Sa3, as a blast treatment prior to a surface coating being applied.

Typical Items we blast clean are

  • Motor Bike Frames
  • Garden Furniture
  • Car Parts Axles Wheels Suspension etc
  • Lamp Posts
  • Lighting
  • Gates
  • Railings
  • Car Body Shells
  • Motorcycle Swing arms, mudguards, centre stands etc
  • Architectural metalwork
  • Steel building frames
  • Fireplaces





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