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Classic Car Coatings



Amwell Blast Coat Ltd refurbish many components from classic motor cars directly for professional restoration companies, motorsport race teams, repair centres, car owner clubs and the general public.


 Examples of items we strip and recoat are


Suspension Struts, Wishbones, Anti Roll Bars, Tie Rods, Drive Shafts, Axles, Hubs, Brake Drums, Callipers, Wheels, Battery Trays, Grills, Dashboards, Bumpers, Engine Bay Tin Ware, Air Filter Housing, Body shells, Foot Pedals, Door Cards, Seats, Exhausts, Radiators, Fans, Body Panels, Doors, Bonnets, Bootlids, Brackets, Bolts, Fixings, Gearbox Casings, Engine Mounts, Chassis, Rocker Covers, Sumps, Coil Springs, Shock Absorbers, Fuel Tanks


We can remove all pre existing coatings, paint, grease and rust corrosion by solvent cleaning and grit blasting / shot blasting. Once cleaned and prepared we can recoat the items to your required specification by one or a combination of the following.


  • Powder Coating Full Range Of Ral Colours Available & Effects Finishes
  • Wet Paint Spraying
  • Thermal Spraying Zinc or Aluminium For Enhanced Corrosion Protection
  • Stove Enamelling To Match Original Manufactured Finishes
  • Zinga Zinc Galvanic Corrosion Protection
  • PTFE For Dry Lubrication Heat Resistance Anti Corrosion
  • Nylon Dry Lubrication Corrosion Protection
  • Zinc Phosphate Corrosion Protection
  • PVC Flexible Paint Finishes For Car Interiors
  • High Temperature Paint Foe Exhaust Systems Manifolds Etc
  • Clear Laquer To Protect Bare Metal & Paint Finishes
  • Stone Chip To Protect Body Panels
  • Chassis Black Metal Work Protection
  • 2k Cellulose Polyurethane MIO
  • Soft Touch Interior Coatings For Dash Panels & Fittings



 Escort Rocker Covers Powder Coated                    Porsche Engine Tin Ware Re Coated




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