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PTFE Fluoropolymer Coatings 



Amwell Blast Coat Ltd based in Great Amwell, Ware Hertfordshire offer PTFE / Industrial coatings through it’s modern spray / powder coating facility. Our advanced coating technologies include Xylan, Teflon, Greblon, Kal-Gard, Senotherm, Zinga, Sigma, Tefzel, Halar, PVC, Cromadex, and armoured / reinforced coating systems.


Our PTFE based Fluorocarbon / Fluoropolymer coating systems have unique properties beneficial to many industries and In Use applications some of which are briefly discussed below.



Low Friction


PTFE coated surfaces reduce friction and are therefore ideal for stud bolts and fixings,

shafts, spindles, switch mechanisms, locks, fasteners and bearing surfaces.


Anti Galling


PTFE coatings are ideal for preventing galling between mating surfaces especially dissimilar metals such as aluminium and stainless steel, Brass and Steel.


Non Stick / Release


PTFE coatings offer excellent non stick / release properties and are widely used in the bakery, cookware, packaging, heat sealing, moulding, chemical, pharmaceutical and aerospace industries.


High Temperature


PTFE coatings can resist advanced temperatures and perform contantly at +260'c and as high as +315'c intermittantly. We can also offer non PTFE based coating systems to withstand in excess of 600'c


Low Temperature


PTFE coatings perform at cryogenic temperatures without deterioration of properties or performance and are stable at -260'c making them ideal for aerospace components, refrigeration seals, lock mechanisms and automotive door seals.


Non Wetting


PTFE coatings are inherently non wetting and as such dispell water and moisture making them ideal easy clean surfaces.


Reinforced Non Stick


Our reinforced non stick coating systems out perform traditional non stick coatings. We apply a reinforced layer on the component surface which increase wear life of the coating and substantially increases the scratch resistance and minimises the loss of coating when the coated surface is abraded or cut.




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